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Psomas Advanced Anesthesia Associates


Dr. Maria N. Psomas, MD 

  • Head Anesthesiologist

  • Chronic Pain Therapist

  • Senior Consultant in Anesthesiology at Mayo Clinic

Dr. Maria N. Psomas, MD


''Every patient has the right to be pain-free whenever possible. Pain is not a necessary condition for living. When it occurs, it should definitely be addressed.'' 

~Dr. Maria N. Psomas 

Over the past few decades, the specialty of Anesthesiology has expanded its practice from being largely confined to the operating room to include perioperative medical care in acute pain management, postoperative and intensive care management, chronic pain medicine, and palliative care medicine.  In recognition of the growing role of anesthesiologists outside the operating room, Anesthesiology has become the only medical specialty that provides encounters with thousands of medical conditions, the complex physiology of the human body, and the intricate pharmacology available to control the body’s journey. Although anesthesiologists frequently relieve pain for patients before, during, and after surgery, further specialized anesthesiologists specifically treat chronic pain.

At Psomas Advanced Anesthesia Associates, Dr. Psomas and her team have the education and experience to accurately diagnose, evaluate, and treat chronic pain patients through a comprehensive approach including medication and pain procedures.

The treatment of chronic pain can be complex, due to the strength of pain medication and the anatomy and delicate structure of the spine and nerves upon which chronic pain interventions are performed. With the advances in regional anesthesia and new drugs, we are now more than ever able to provide relatively pain-free and stress-free medical care to you.


We are here to keep you safe and comfortable perioperatively.

Let us treat your pain appropriately.


Areas of Expertise

Pain Syndromes of

the head and neck

Thoracic Pain Syndromes

Upper Extremity Pain Syndromes

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