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Dr. Elias C. Papadopoulos:

Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon

Dr. Elias C. Papadopoulos is the Chief of Spine Service at HYGEIA Hospital and an Assistant Professor at the University of Athens, head of the Spine Department. 


He specializes in the surgical treatment of spinal disorders using cutting edge methods and techniques!


He has a great love for research and continues to work tirelessly on a variety of topics, such as spinal osteotomies in severe deformities, artificial discs, spinal tumors and inflammation, osteoporosis and kyphoplasty, spinal fusion, scoliosis, and kyphosis in children and adults. He is the head of various research programs that produce publications at international spine conferences.  

Dr. Papadopoulos firmly believes in a modern and team-based nosological approach to obtain optimal treatment results. Especially in spinal surgery, the cooperation with physiotherapists, pain doctors, and neurologists is a sine qua non for every patient. He also believes that intellectual honesty in scientific research is essential for the advancement of medical practice. 


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